Pete LeMay originally started off playing the coronet and was quickly drawn into the world of percussion after going to a concert and seeing the band’s drummer do a solo. “He was just beating the crap out of his drums! He was catching his cymbals and spinning his sticks, everyone was yelling and cheering…it was great! I said that’s for me!” And so it started. A drumming career that has taken him everywhere from heavy metal to playing latin percussion, jazz, classic rock and even a short time in a punk band. Versatility is probably the best way to describe his contribution to drums. “My favorite kind of music is good music that’s fun to play, I really don’t care what style it is. I do have a lot of Rock-n-Roll influence however, so I usually get told to ‘ease up’ quite a bit when we play out, especially at the smaller clubs. I can’t help it, I like to make my presence known!”
     In 1991 Pete answered an ad in the paper for a band needing a drummer. That’s when he first met Don Perry. At the time, Don was the lead singer of a hard rock group and Pete was chomping at the bit to play out. Pete joined the band and stayed to play a lot of local venues, even winning a ‘Battle of the Bands’ in Pennsylvania. He and Don lost touch for a while after the band dissolved and they pursued their different avenues. Then, a few years ago, Don approached him with his ideas and some of his originals. Pete instantly liked where Don was going and has pretty much been playing with him ever since. “Don and I have always got along, I mean, we went to different high schools together, you know?”
     Now a Dad, Pete credits his family, past and present, for putting up with his passion. Gigs, rehearsals and practicing at home can strain even the tightest of domestic households and Pete is nothing but extremely thankful for his entire family’s continuing support. “I love playing drums. I love entertaining a crowd and I really like it when they respond to what we’re doing. Don and I have always worked well together and it is just so easy to play and get into a groove with Greg and Rich. There’s a lot of talent and feel in this band and I really dig it.”

Previous bands:
The Hot Crusty’s
Alister Frye
Scarred 4 Life
Nitemare One
5 Guys Garbage